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For only $227
Arch 600 on a single doorArch 600 handles on a double doors
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The Elegant curved design of the Arch makes it ideal for your contemporary home.

The Arch curves towards you as reach for the door. Inviting you to take hold of its smooth surface.

It is available in 17 1/2" and 23 1/2" (450 mm and 600 mm)long.
The image on the right is the Arch 600.

The Arch is made from brushed Stainless Steel for that modern look.

The Arch can be either Back to Back Fix or Front/Concealed Mount.
The Arch is available for Front Doors and also available as a Refrigerator Handle.

For more information on attaching the Handles to your Door CLICK HERE

The prices listed are for one handle.
If you need a pair of handles you will need two order two handles.

Watch the video below to see more of the Arch.

Arch 450
Length 17 1/2" / 450 mm
Weight 18 oz / .6 kg
Arch 600
Length 23 1/2" / 600 mm
Weight 24 oz / .8 kg
Features Benefits
The Diameter of all the Arch Pull Handles is 1 1/4" (32 mm). Strong and Durable to last a lifetime.
The Arch Pull Handle is made from 304 Exterior Grade Stainless Steel
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